The best money Colourtech spends is on our business coach Nick Ikonomou.  Last year, despite the effects of a global recession, our turnover increased by 45%, we are 20% more profitable and we have 50% more free time! We’re not sure where we’d be today if we hadn’t made that investment in Nick Ikonomou. Even our wives love what Nick has done for our business because now we get to see each other.  It’s really been a life changing experience for us. In just two years we’ve grown and learned that it really is possible for a good business to work without us constantly feeling the pressure of having to keep control. We now have good team on board with the right people and we have the time we need to be in an objective position to work on the business, not being weighed down by having to work so hard in it.  The place really works heaps better and we know that’s because Nick keeps us on track and accountable with weekly meetings that focus on making our business and our lives even better.

Sean Kelly & Alasdair Wilson