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Typically, hospitality businesses rely on great customer service to get repeat patrons. Most common issues faced are:

  • Finding great, reliable chefs or senior cooks
  • Finding young, enthusiastic front of house with a care factor
  • Long hours 5-7 day businesses
  • Difficult to take holidays
  • Transient staff who are often back packer based
  • Communication
  • High rents
  • Recovering the high purchase price or setup costs
  • Time management
  • Weekend and evening work
  • Lack of vision
  • Fatigue
  • Understanding when to get out
  • Marketing knowledge tends to be very low
  • Financial management skills are typically low

If you are in these industries, working with a business coach will help you with all of the above. Even if you were in a partnership, you don't have to be alone in facing all of those challenges. Reach out and see how far you can go.