Nick Ikonomou business coach

I believe there has been a shift in our community. More and more I am sensing people appreciating successful small to medium business owners without the jealousy that was so prevalent for a long time. There seems to be a trend of acknowledging that succesful SME owners have worked hard and smart to achieve their successes. In the past, the lay person had a view that there was an element of luck or family pass down opportunities that created lazy success. Now, it appears that people can see that running a business is far harder than it ever was and those who prosper, deserve the praise.

That's a great thing for business owners, as they don't have to live a sheepish life. There is nothing wrong to go around and enjoy life as those individuals have stuck their necks out to have a deserving life. I salute all of you, the entrepreneur and the person recognising that achievement. Australia has grown up.