Nick Ikonomou business coach

Sport has great comparisons with business and here are some of those:

  • Extremely committed people
  • Goal focused
  • KPI focussed
  • Coaching structures
  • Honesty in appraisals
  • Fast paced
  • Team culture
  • Competitive
  • Regular meetings
  • Constant refreshment of their team with new individuals

You see, sport these days is a business. These organisations have highly experienced individuals and support structures all over their departments. It’s for those reasons, I like coaching business owners who are either past or current players who run their businesses. Because in a business sense, they appreciate all of the above comparisons, and to teach them how to run amazing businesses through improving all their skills in marketing, selling, systems, recruitment and leadership is extremely gratifying for me as a business coach. That’s because these super athletes appreciate all of things we do with them and apply the new learnings without hesitations. I would easily say sportspeople and current and past members of the military are the easiest to coach.

If you know anyone who has that background and is either looking for a new business or running their own, I would love to help them go to another level.