Nick Ikonomou business coach

Well, both. However, in different proportions. Remember, your weaknesses are the ones which are holding you back to achieving amazing things and you need to work out how to get them out of your way. This means upskilling yourself in the areas of greatest impact. For example, if your financial intelligence is low, you need to master that. If you can't get new customers, then, it may be the lack of knowledge in modern lead generation or selling techniques. If you can't get or keep great staff, then, you will need to focus on this area, as otherwise, you will feel like running a business in a groundhog day way.

Having said all that, you are who you are and you do have some great attributes which got you to where you are. So, it's also important to play to your strengths. This is your "NATURAL YOU". Your DNA for business. You may be a very personable person, or great with numbers or even have an incredible memory. Work out how you can multiply the use of those skills and attributes as it will reward you handsomely.

Either way, if you need assistance in working out how to remove your weaknesses and/or utilise your strengths, I look forward to talking to you.