Nick Ikonomou business coach on time management

Ok. Let’s get to the point, because you don’t have time to read this.

1. Think of yourself first.
2. Create a default diary for repetetive tasks.
3. Forget about the Task lists.
4. Put all your tasks into the default diary that are adhoc as well so that you actually do them.
5. Tick the completed items or change the colour on your electronic diary.
6. During work, only do work.
7. During out of work, don’t do work.
8. During sleep…………….sleep, relax for goodness sake. You have done all the right things above, correct?

Now that you have got to reading up to this stage, find the TIME (or more like, just do it, because you actually can’t find time, as it just happened and it keeps happening) to setup your diary and then just follow it.
I always say, you either control your time or you let others control your time. Which one do you prefer to be?
For further tips on how to master time management, please find the TIME to give me a call.