Nick Ikonomou, CoachNick Business Coaching

We're in a very fast environment these days, but, it doesn't mean that everything comes our way instantly. Success in a small to medium business is rarely achieved in a quick way. It takes a lot of little things to make a business chassis strong enough to get sustainable results. The flow-on effects take time, but, they become lasting. Yes, sometimes there will be low hanging fruit strategies that turn things around quickly, but, in the main, a measured approach is the one that is most commonly successful.

This takes us to the next point. Patience is of essence. Persistence and consistency are your allies and the real secret. Big, quick fixes can also be toxic to future expectations, as business life usually doesn't provide you with a consistent, sharp upward trajectory. If business owners get quick results, smaller benefits achieved later seem unsatisfactory. But, that shouldn't be the case. Every improvement is important. Many improvements are better than just one big one because the business owner learns how to improve many things.