Nick Ikonomou business coach

So, you're chugging along nicely and the business reached a level where it might make more sense to franchise than to keep growing the areas yourself. What would be the criteria for you to decide to franchise?


  • Might want to stop re-investing into your business yourself and get others to do it into your concept.
  • Want to reduce the risk of spreading yourself too thin.
  • Are up for a new challenge and why bother getting out when you can revolutionise your current business, the one you know very well.
  • Want to do something different because being a franchisor is in fact a different business with new and different skills being required.
  • Want to see your business grow much faster than it is currently growing at.
  • Are mesmerised by people who successfully achieved franchising their businesses.
  • Want to look at an alternative to partnerships.
  • Love the idea of recurring income.
  • Can really see it potentially go global.
  • Can truly see a substantial re-sale value.
  • Love to travel.
  • Like conferences.
  • Like to be the front person.
  • Like to be recognised for achieving something in the public arena.

If any of them sound appealing to you and your business can be a logically franchisable model, then, please give me a call and we can brainstorm how this could work for you. You never know what your life will look like in 5 years.