Well, big or small, we must know the obvious measures such as:

  1. Turnover
  2. Gross Profit and Gross Margin
  3. Overhead trends
  4. Net Profit and Net Margin
  5. Total Business Owner Compensation
  6. Return On Investment
  7. Break-EvenAnalysis
  8. Liquidity Ratios

I’m also interested in:

  1. Revenue per employee
  2. Number of Leads
  3. Conversion Rate
  4. Average Dollar Sales
  5. Repeat business transactions
  6. Wastage of time
  7. Wastage of material
  8. Wastage of energy
  9. Extaordinary events, such as seasonal or employee terminations and many others.

So, if you don’t know what these are off the top of your head or you are not measuring them, then, it is extremely difficult to improve them.

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