What makes David Beckham such a brand?

  1. Sporting perspective
    1. Performed at the highest level for a long period of time
    2. Has signature traits
      1. Accurate crosses
      2. Freakish free kicks
      3. Long term contracts
      4. Low injury rate
  2. Marketing perspective
    1. Always looks happy playing
    2. Always looks happy with the media
    3. Always looks happy with the public
    4. Has a Hollywood lifestyle
    5. Just ask the girls… and well, some blokes

Overall, he makes a great Return On Investment on whoever backs him.

As business owners, can we be

  1. Sticking at it long enough
  2. Have a particular thing we’re known for
  3. Don’t disappear from the market place for a lengthy time
  4. Appear to be happy in what we do

Would someone get a return on investment by dealing with you then? So, can you bend it like Beckham?