Nick Ikonomou

Quick Business Tip - Never underestimate how much money you need to start a business

Time is money. You have heard this before. However, most aspiring entrepreneurs totally underestimate how much it costs to start a business. The organic approach costs those people far more than they...

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Nick Ikonomou business coach

Quick Business Tip - Similarities between top sporting organisations and top SME businesses

Sport has great comparisons with business and here are some of those: Extremely committed people Goal focused KPI focussed Coaching structures Honesty in appraisals Fast paced Team culture...

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Business coaching for business partnerships and post partnerships. Nick Ikonomou. Business coach.

Quick Business Tip - What happens to business owners after a business partnership ends

The most common thing I find when a business partnership ends is that the remaining business owner first takes a sigh of relief, but, very soon the feeling of isolation creeps in. Some of the habits...

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Business partnerships. Business Coaching

Quick Business Tip - Why Business Partnerships don't work and what to do about it

So, you may be in a business partnership and wondering what you have done. Don't worry; this is a common problem and one that there is no shame in it other than taking the positive actions straight...

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Business assistance for tradies through business coaching

Quick Business Tip - Great Ideas for Tradies

Typically, trades businesses rely on trust to stand out ahead of the various competitors. Most common issues faced are: Finding experienced tradesmen Finding young, enthusiastic apprentices with a...

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Recruiting employees with the help of business coaching

Quick Business Tip - How to get great employees

In an ever more difficult business environment for SMEs, it is getting enormously difficult to get amazing employees who are willing to stay in your business for a long time. This creates the issues...

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Nick Ikonomou business coach

Quick Business Tip - Why get a business coach?

Surely business owners know their business. But, what if their competitors who also know their business have a business coach? That is the best example of why business coaches are useful even to the...

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Nick Ikonomou business coach. Negotiation skills

Quick Business Tip - The Art of Negotiation

Do you feel that you could do with ideas on how to negotiate better? Know of people who seem to have it down to an art form? Positive negotiation is best when viewed from a win/win perspective. It's...

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Cashflow skills with a business coach

Quick Business Tip - How to deal with understanding cashflow

This is an area that concerns every small business owner. Most business owners struggle to differentiate between profitability in their business (or lack of it) and the way cashflow works. The most...

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Customer care training with a business coach

Quick Business Tip - How to deal with difficult customers

I'm not a big proponent of "the customer is always right", however, there is certain truth that business owners need to face up to. Let's face it, nobody enjoys the relaity check when a customer...

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