About Nick Ikonomou from CoachNick Business Coaching or Coach Nick as many people call him

Since 1999 he’s helped over 300 businesses in one-on-one business coaching assignments in Melbourne. Nick coaches on average 35 individual businesses at any given time. These sessions are private and confidential. Coaching that many businesses has led to Nick being involved in practically every industry. Nick has a combined in excess of 30 years business experience.

He is a director in his own practice and owned 3 other businesses that were run entirely under management which followed our principle of working “On your business” instead of “In your business” which we coach all of our clients. Nick’s accounting background took him to roles as a Financial Controller in his previous 3 positions and various other accounting roles before that, in many industries ranging from manufacturing, distribution and professional services in Melbourne.

Nick Ikonomou is actively working in the community through his involvement with Rotary. He is with the Rotary Club of Eltham and has worked on many projects.

Nick Ikonomou is actively working in the community through his involvement with Rotary. He is with the Rotary Club of Eltham.


Brad Sugars created an incredible network of business coaches by launching Action International in 1993 as he began running his business coaching programs for SMEs throughout Australia and New Zealand. Four years later, the system was franchised internationally and now operates in over 30 countries with in excess of 1,000 business coaches under the current network name of ActionCOACH business coaching, changing people’s lives all over the world. Every week, over 15,000 business owners around the globe work with one of its coaches to take their small to medium sized business to the next level.

Through your business coach, you will gain access to our proprietary systems strategies in sales, marketing and team building. These strategies are simple and inexpensive to implement, but are incredibly powerful. ActionCOACH is dedicated to pursuing its vision of “World Abundance through Business Re-education,” with the purpose of helping SMEs generate better profits while their owners lead a more relaxed lifestyle. You will also learn about our 14 points of culture, which is at the bedrock of everything we do. Nick is one of the original ActionCOACH business coaching franchisees and through this network uses the systems developed for SMEs.